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My first mobile blog post

Testing mobile blog post
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Developing Insights with solid base

We received raw data of every type to fit our analysis demands, we analyze and finally we’ve come with something interesting. Insights are called useful only if they can be put into practicality. If I’m a business owner and I’ve ready to use analytics software in front of me, then it’s not a big deal to analyze up and down with figures and charts.

With this post, I would like to mention few important points to improvise the insight development process. Please note that, following steps can be applied to every common operation you perform over data from initialization to the end of analysis.

When you first collect the data, you first perform data cleaning operation to remain only with those data which can guide you through the right direction of analysis.

First of all try to understand the pattern of data you already have.
Normal patterns

  • Constant
  • Linear
  • Cyclic
  • Seasonal pattern with growth

Abnormal patterns (Triggered by external sources)

  • Transient impulse
  • Sudden rise
  • Sudden fall

Once you’re able to judge the data pattern, you can make decision on if there is any data modeling technique applicable to those data or not.

For abnormal patterns, modeling is not possible as it is triggered by the external sources, and forecasting on their triggering behavior is not possible. But yes we can make some prediction on triggering but can’t forecast. When we use two almost similar words forecasting and prediction then we must clearly understand the difference.


As we can see in the comparison, when some formulation and processing on facts and figures comes into an operation, the outcomes become more relevant and precise.

This is first part of a depth oriented insight development post. With my next post, in continuation to this post, I’ll take few psychological rules to understand user behavior against their positive or negative action.

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Observation on Exit rate and bounce rate

Bounce Rate:

(Landing page = Exit page) =>Bounce rate

Exit Rate:

Any landing page ->Traverse -> exit on X page 
=> Exit Rate = Page views of ‘X’ page / No. of exits from ‘X’ page (including bounces)

The exit rate says that for all cases where someone visited that page (including the bounces); it was the last page that much % of time. Bounce and exit rate both calculated based on page views and not based on unique pages views. Exit rate include bounces.

Consider one example,

My website is having one page named Product1.html, having 35% exit rate and 28% bounce rate. As I mentioned, bounce rate is a part of exit rate; we can take difference of these two to get interesting information. Exit Rate (35%) – Bounce Rate (28%) = 7% visited other pages on my site then came back to the main product1.html page and exited from that page. This observation has an exception, like what if Bounce rate is greater than exit rate!

Logically, greater bounce rate than exit rate is bit misleading in understanding the behavior of users. Means, when people landing on a particular page and exiting from there only, what’s the reason behind people exit less when they’re landing on some other page, traverse certain number of pages and coming on that page. If a page is not really happening in engaging its visitors then exit rate and bounce rate should be almost equal.

Website Visitor Segmentation – Web Analytics

Website visitor segmentation is one of the most important steps in understanding the behavioral aspect of people visiting our website. Following visitor segmentation has been made based on what exactly happen technically when someone attempts to open the website. The segmentation gives an idea on how to put a visitor into certain relevant segment based on their arrival pattern and the response recorded by the analytics system.

Here’s the explaination on how a request for specific web page is treated at technical level: 


    • New Visitor
      • Anonymous
        • Exit before tracking
        • Cookie deletion & Cookie detection problem
        • Private / Safe browsing
        • Proxy
      • Observed
        • Robots / Crawlers
        • Showing hits as ‘not identified’
        • Soft 404
      • Identified
        • Tracking of successful visit
        • Event firing in response to action
        • Form fill-up (Not submitted)
      • Verified
        • Verified by email address
        • Form fill-up and submitted
        • Transaction completion
    • Returning Visitor
      • Identified as new visit
        • Deletion of cookie
        • Forget password & unable to retrieve, attempting new login
      • Verified returning visitor
        • Tracking cookie successfully
        • Visitor already having Login credential for website

It becomes very crucial to consider certain assumption on number of Anonymous visitors while considering the overall visitors to a website. This assumption helps us in identifying issues with website loading, tracking and other GUI related problems. Also, by carefully assuming Anonymous visitor figure we can achieve a precise statistics of conversion rate and bounce rate.

As we can see, only identified and verified visitors matter to us while judging the conversion rate. But on the other hand we can’t ignore Anonymous and Observed visitors to our website as they might be the prospects to our website, and we might have lost them.

It is all about making right decision on right time

March 29, 2011 2 comments

In life, time is the only thing which can let you to realize whether you deserve better things in your life or not. A must clear thing for any human being is to have a clear destiny and faith on your decision. A decision can’t be right or wrong. What matters is the impact you realize over the period of time.

I read somewhere that you can’t move forward without getting & staying out of the comfort zone. I did this, yes, I did this. I faced people who were showing me treasure on my palm and was trying hard to make me believe on mirage and day dreams (seen by them). I read them well and decided to move ahead in my life. I foreseen my life after 5 years and decided to leave the people behind who wanted me to stay like one amongst them and become stagnant. I denied.

During last few weeks, I learned something very interesting about human behavior. A characterless & moraleless almost human who was engaged into cheap love affairs with more than 4-5 girls during his college life and who stuck into marriage accidentally was trying to convince me for better future opportunity and growth. “Is there something written on my forehead?”

Its time to say goodbye to all those people who ran away from their responsibility just because they didn’t want to get out of their comfort zone.

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Tips for safer and joy filling bike riding experience

February 11, 2011 1 comment

Speed is not at all a bad thing given your brakes and nerves are in your control.

Both the rear view mirrors of your bike are equally important, so don’t just unbolt any of them.

Remember, curves are dangerous especially when the road is not cruised by you before. You never know when you find water, some small or big stones or may be a lamb. Also, to pass the curves with speed, your bike must have those compatible tyres and really good control.

Many people ignore helmets during long rides. There’re many reason why you should wear a good quality helmet while riding the bike. The first and most important reason is, your safety (people know this but ignore it). Second is, you won’t feel tired even after a really long ride as you’ll protected from the outer noise of your bike engine, other vehicles pass by you, and wind. Third reason is that your eyes will also be protected from small bugs and other dust.

Wearing proper shoes while riding the bike is also an important thing. Try to wear shoes, which can cover and protect your ankle from injury.

Do not listen loud music during highway rides. It is quite possible that you do not listen to some warning horn from speedy vehicle while overtaking some other vehicle and meet with the accident.

Make sure your bike is in good condition before you chose to cruise on bike. Change oil before it loses its viscosity; check air pressure in both the tyres, Make sure that your headlight and backlight working properly.

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Coming Soon…

It has been so long I had posted something to my blog coz of some really busy schedules.

No worries! I’m coming soon with more super biking and more life 😉

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