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Tips for safer and joy filling bike riding experience

Speed is not at all a bad thing given your brakes and nerves are in your control.

Both the rear view mirrors of your bike are equally important, so don’t just unbolt any of them.

Remember, curves are dangerous especially when the road is not cruised by you before. You never know when you find water, some small or big stones or may be a lamb. Also, to pass the curves with speed, your bike must have those compatible tyres and really good control.

Many people ignore helmets during long rides. There’re many reason why you should wear a good quality helmet while riding the bike. The first and most important reason is, your safety (people know this but ignore it). Second is, you won’t feel tired even after a really long ride as you’ll protected from the outer noise of your bike engine, other vehicles pass by you, and wind. Third reason is that your eyes will also be protected from small bugs and other dust.

Wearing proper shoes while riding the bike is also an important thing. Try to wear shoes, which can cover and protect your ankle from injury.

Do not listen loud music during highway rides. It is quite possible that you do not listen to some warning horn from speedy vehicle while overtaking some other vehicle and meet with the accident.

Make sure your bike is in good condition before you chose to cruise on bike. Change oil before it loses its viscosity; check air pressure in both the tyres, Make sure that your headlight and backlight working properly.

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