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Indians now ON for Racing – Performance bikes in India

Racing DNA  – TVS Apache RTR (Racing Throttle Response)

A well designed 180CC engine with 17.6ps of power fills you with confidence while riding given that you’re riding it around 100-110km/h. Cornering performance is very poor in compare to its competitors. TVS has been constantly involving lots of technology experiments with the new version launches.

The Racing God – Yamaha R15

According to me and other bike expert this is one of the most complete packages for racing which has ever been made in India till date. Only 150CC engine when filled up with more than 17ps of Power, it will definitely won’t let you behind to other competitors. 4 Valve engine with efficient fuel injection technology gives you the Racing God feeling undoubtedly. This machine can reach up to 140 km/h so smoothly and yet without making you disappointed on cornering performance. You even sometimes feel to shift to upper gear while performing at corners.

The Fastest Indian – Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi

Most strongest bike package ‘on paper’ is Pulsar 220, which is having more than 20ps of power along with the DTS-Fi technology advantage. It literally let you feel the power while riding the bike but after certain speed it also gives you feeling like it don’t want to go faster.  Very noisy yet powerful engine with carburetor (after the removal of fuel injection) supports you till 110-115 km/h and after that it starts giving you the response like it is performing more than it has been made for.

Hero Honda Karizma ZMR

Having 225CC engine this bike gives you the solid comfort on any road. Riding position, seat comfort everything is just great. Very smooth engine sound and riding comfort makes this bike the choice for comfort lovers. Karizma ZMR has been filled with PGM Fi Technology along with fuel injection which makes the response of bike’s machine so impressive. Only one thing which ZMR is missing is power at higher speed. It has only 17ps of power at 8500rpm which is not a good deal when you have a 225CC machine. But yes, you can trust the Hero Honda technology which is reliable and comfort giving at the same time.

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