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Real time search – What is so good and bad about it?

Real-time search relies solely on any current event update. Breaking news or Breaking infomation has always been a good experience while presenting to Search Engine user. Real-time search always guarantee you to get something you don’t know or something which has happened just a moment back.

The problem with real-time search is only that, such real-time search results are not passed from genuiness or quality standards.

Lets take an example comparing real-time search and a normal search based on filtering process made with certain algorithm. Real-time search gives you results from different updated news or information source which a normal search gives you the result which stays there for specific amount of time and remain still only if the resulted website is having good quality content which can further attracts the visitors to come and digg the result from different regions across the web.

Now in normal search results, every search result is authenticated by the visitors itself who’re checking them thoroughly and take those results for granted only if they really found them useful.

If we thinks about the future of real-time searches then it is so but natural that it’ll continue in existance but normal search results won’t be defeated.

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