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How to treat employees of your company

  • Don’t let them feel their level of designation, from peon to CEO, everybody plays an important role in your company.
  • Give employees more freedom to work
  • Give them the work environment in which they can do whatever they actually want to do. If they’re actually in mood of work then let them work and if they feel sleepy after taking lunch and let them take a power nap. Science also suggests that power nap increase the work efficiency and presence of mind.
  • Keep employees in the office for only fixed amount of hours a day. Mr. Narayanmurthy from Infosys also favors this. Overtime is just the waste of resources and waste of time which also down the morale of employees.
  • Organize outings at regular period of time.
  • Keep the working environment light mood and refreshing.
  • Give employees enough number of leaves as office is not everything an employee needs to live. After all employees are also normal human being and social animals like me who need change.
  • Make any rule on paper; don’t just state the rule which has been made haphazardly encountering any unlike situation.
  • Don’t overload any employee with the work load which is unfair.
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