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Why do I Cruise? – A passion worth living with…

I didn’t knowHunk Front what the thing passion is until I rode Rajdoot as my first bike riding experience. I had never rode any bike till then but after that I started watching bikes like a bachelor boy stares a beautiful girl.

I had a scooter during those old days and wasn’t able to own a bike. After finishing the Engineering I got to have a budget bike, so choose XCD 125 as it was the cheapest bike in the 125CC segment with more than 9PS of power at 8500 rpm. That was all for me and my dreams to ride together. I has my first cruising experience on the way from Baroda (My Job Location) to V V Nagar, Anand (Where my Engg. Institution is located). This experience was like a long awaited entrance into the doors of heaven. Once, fortunately my friends had arranged one get together at Ahmedabad, what could be better than that for me! I was about to go on a trip on my bike for more than 110kms. I thought nothing and just took the bike key and started dreaming about the cruising fun.

After a year with so much of fun with XCD, I changed my job location to Rajkot with up gradation in Salary :). I started imaging the fun that what would be the fun if I buy a bike with more power and more speed. I started doing some market research on what bike to buy with certain criteria like, mileage, reliability, power and of course comfort on long trip. I finally came up with the decision of buying Hero Honda Hunk. It was a real masculine bike with more than 14ps of power and 150cHero Honda Hunk Dharmayu Purohitc powerful engine with Hero Honda confidence.

Just after few days I bought the bike, a devil thought again came into my mind. I thought what is the benefit of buying expensive and powerful bike if I don’t ride it on high ways. That was all again, I decided to cruise my bike from Bhavnagar (My home town) to Rajkot (Changed Job location) which was 170 kms in distance and enough for me to put Hunk on the High way for the first time. I can’t explain how joyful that riding experience was on the high way when I left Bhavnagar early in the morning at 4.30am as I was needed to reach the office by 9 – 9.30 am. I was all alone on the road with no living creature around me except those roaring trees besides the road.

From then, I has cruised that road for more than 8 times from Bhavnagar – Rajkot and Rajot – Bhavnagar.

Many times I think, why do I cruise? I get tire, I survive in made high-way traffic, I fear cruising alone where I don’t get anybody around me. A simple answer come from inside is, this is what I like to live for. High-ways are like a teacher who teaches you that life is like a road, you got to continue without fear, nobody going to join you. Yes you can stop for a while to take the rest but you can’t stop forever until you reaches to the destination.

For me, cruising won’t get stop. My next trip will be from Gujarat to Leh soon in next 2 year may be… 

Be a little dillogical as thodi pagalpanti bhi Jharoori hai….

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