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Website Design with Div or Table: What is SEO Friendly?

Div or Table for Website Design?A questirise into the mind of an SEO who’s friendly with coding optimization and other technical issues related to site, that, for website designing what to choose from Div and Table?
The issue for selection between Div and Table comes with considering few factors which are as follows:
  • Simplicity of coding
  • Loading time of a site
  • SEO friendliness
  • Maintaining prominence
    Simplicity of coding:
    Simplicity of coding tends to the ease and the speed with which website designing can be carried out. If we consider simplicity of coding then web designing with Table is far easier than creation with Div. Website design with Div tag needs lots of attention to pay while designing. Also while you are designing with Div you must have good knowledge of CSS as every style to each and every component within Div tag is assigned only by style sheet.
    If a beginner wants to start website designing then he/she should prefer Table initially. Also now a day majority of website designer prefer Div over Table.
    Loading time of a website:
    This is also one of the factor due to which new age sites are being developed with Div instead of Table. It is but obvious that less the coding less the time a site would take to be loaded. Amount of coding is considerably decreases when we make any website with the help of Div as most of the styling elements will come from CSS only. Thus Div takes advantage over Table in loading time factor.
    SEO friendliness
    According to the one of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factor that is Code-to-Text ratio, a site should have optimal amount of coding and more content. As discussed earlier as Div decreases the amount of coding it requires, the Code-to-Text ratio itself improves. So by this point Div takes advantage over Table in SEO friendliness. Also by using Div we can set the sequence in which a page will be crawled by the Google crawler, say header, content and then side bar.
    Maintaining prominence
    As explained in SEO friendliness factor, we can arrange the page elements in desired way; we can arrange content part in earlier crawling sequence and thus Keyword prominence can be increased impressively.
    So, finally we can conclude this article by saying that Div consume time while designing the website but at the end of process it gives more benefit than using Table.
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