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Queuing System Implementation with .net

Queuing is one of the concepts which is used when things are arriving at system simultaneously. Usually this concept is being used at the system where application send message to each other frequently. In such system there are usually two types of applications we find. One is consumer application and another is producer application.
Producer application usually adds things to the queue and the consumer application contribute in utilizing the things or messages from the queue generated by producer application.

Such functionality is better achieved with .Net platform and Oracle streams Advanced queuing system. Messaging system implemented with OSAQ system provides benefits of high availability, scalability and reliability with Database environment.

.Net application development provides the scope for high performance functionality to the project having high complexity in database retrieval. Queuing system requires a constant tracking system which can track the queue for the availability of awaiting process for future operation.

As .net developers and other software professional knows there are certain types of queues are there dequeue, circular queue and simple queue. It depends on the .net Developers what programming method to choose to implement any of the queues. There are several approaches like using linked list or with pointer operations.

While working in a multiple process environment .Net Developers must aware of multithreaded programming environment which is also provided by Java platform in well defined manner. .Net can also handle several processes at the same time.

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