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JasperReports – Easy to Use Reporting Tool for Java Developers

Java Developers require a reporting tool which can get them all reports done with ease. JasperReports is there for them to generate report so quick and of various formats. This tool allows Java programmers to get reports compiled at runtime means dynamically as well as design time which means statically. The bot working behind JasperReports allows Java Developers to insert data into these reports from different data sources.

With the help of Apache POI, custom report classes are made with so much of ease and simplicity. Java Developers can emphasize on data retrieval aspect of report using iText libraries with controlling the layout. JasperReport is the time saving development tool for the developers working behind Java application development.

Field, Variable and other parameter references for formatting the layout is included in JasperReports by XML report template. With least of developers’ collaboration, these templates are possible to be created by third party GUI such as iReport. By this, max of the time of Java developers’ is saved which were previously wasted in layout part of reporting.

Report generation tool such as JasperReport can save much of the efforts and time of Java programmers in some not so needed part of application development portion. While having this tool with them, Java Developers can put their efforts behind essential part of software product development and few portion of report generation phase.

It has been observed in the software development and IT industry that efforts are sometime go in wrong direction and thus the time amount a work supposed to take is getting higher. By carefully applying appropriate reporting tool and other software package into work, the development activity can be speedup.

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