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Features of Eclipse 3.1 updates

From the first release of eclipse Java developers expecting more and more from this development environment which has made it so popular over the period of time.

Developers’ community along with companies do like this environment of Java application development as it provides many things under single umbrella. New release of Eclipse version is expected to increase the usability and development friendliness to Java developers. One of the major new features of latest version eclipse 3.1 is the wide support for new language constructions in J2SE. Generics, Enums and auto boxing, all are there with single IDE. Latest version of Eclipse comes with new and enhanced refactorings, code assistance and quick fixes.

The Eclipse updated version also supports incremental Java compiler, written in Java and supporting the different Java language levels. Java Developers are benefited with own compiler of Eclipse and thus they can get fast code compilation, smoother debugging and refactoring with diagnostic things. This compiler is also used to compile external application like JSPs.

More integrated help structure of latest Eclipse version makes it more productive in providing the help to Java developers by tracing their current development activity and showing them the help they actually need. Also, some of the features like web-like navigation has been added to link to related preferences to go forward and backward.

To make it easier to find preferences, in Eclipse 3.1 the dialog of preference can be opened directly from many editors and also visible from the context menu.

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