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Error handling by PHP developers for SEO purpose

PHP is one of the simplest server side scripting language which needs no more promotion in the web development industry. Heavy traffic websites such as WordPress also uses this open source programming language to manage complex database synchronization and to handle other functionality.

PHP developers are even more not bound to use specific range of functionality only, but they should also consider some of the out of box functionality which can be useful in website integrity and performance. One of the functionality is custom error handling.

PHP developers must be aware of this simple phenomenon of error handling when 404 – page not found error occurred or page redirection happens. They can easily handle such error with placing some custom page when 404 occurs or redirecting broken link to the sitemap or to home page. But PHP developers should also understand the requirement of SEOs as well. As the thing is SEO is all about technicality rather than blind promotion campaign.

What if a heavy traffic website gets down for a while due to some causes like down time in web server. In such case PHP developer should handle 503 error and tell the bots to come to a website for crawling after certain period of time. Sometimes it may happen that if such errors are not handled properly at the time of website down time then bots may get and update a blank copy in their indexes which further causes the fall in ranking position and thus visitors.

PHP provides the functionality with which PHP developers can implement easiest form submission functionality to a shopping cart and even more complex ecommerce website development. Its upon them to update themselves for upcoming technology and new features in PHP.

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