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Difference between Java and .Net

The basic difference between Java and .Net is that, Java is from Sun Company while .Net is from Microsoft Company.

Java is platform independent in the sense it can be deployed and executed on any platform such as Windows or Linux. While .Net is having a framework which integrate the byte code generated by different languages supported by .net such as VB, C#, ASP and J#.

Java is having JVM which helps Java in being identified as platform independent language while .Net is facilitate with framework which actually interpret all the language as a common compiler friendly code at runtime.

.Net supports more than 40 languages which is having the advantage over Java which actually doesn’t support these many languages.

While discussing the connectivity with Database, Java takes advantage over .net in the sense .Net requires more round trips to the database to carry out certain functionality. On the other side Java is very rich with the functional set for Database connectivity.

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