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Custom DBMS development with Java development platform

Java developers develop various kind of software application according to client’s need. In some cases Java Developer may need to implement something bigger and something really challenging. In such case developing own DBMS would be a great thing to implement and do research on.

Java developers use to come up with new ideas in developing applications which is flexible in use and performing. One of such idea is developing own DBMS with the help of functionality Java provide.

Based on my experience of developing own Database management system in Java I would like to share some of the functionality which I included in my application to make it called as partial DBMS.

As known to Java developers, this language has very wide scope of functionality which can either be in-built or can be customized as well. It provides the way for encryption of Data, multi-threaded environment for parallel processes, network or LAN functionality to operate program on network, GUI, File handling, Parsing and many others. These all mentioned functionality was included in the partial DBMS. Java implicitly itself provide DES algorithm which itself a well known and the most secure algorithm for encryption and decryption. Although it is quite possible to develop own encryption algorithm to encrypt data gathered from client program or entered manually. As the process was to make a system which would itself be able to handle and process the data I was needed to keep all backend system away. Means I should not use Oracle, SQL Server or even MS Access to keep and retrieve us back the data. In such case I place encryption and decryption algorithm all time in between a notepad and the GUI application.

To let the system understand what user want by writing some kind of query the system was included with parsing. Now for parsing, a Java developer must have sound knowledge of compiler design. With Java platform you can design a parsing code or compiler code with the inclusion of error handling.

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